Just Do Today Blog

Eating Disorder Warriors: You are not alone. 


Through writing 🖊I hope to learn more about myself and help as many people as I can.

My Recovery Instagram: Just_Do_Today


( articles below )

Newest Post: Getting Ready Flow Chart

All Articles:

  1. Eating Disorder Declarations
  2. Letter to a Parent
  3. Weathering The Storm
  4. Progress
  5. The Face I Wear in Recovery
  6. “Wow, I’m Not the Only One”
  7. A Mind That Won’t Shut Off
  8. Coping with Change
  9. Life’s Troubles or Happy Thoughts?
  10. Choose Laugher over Sleep
  11. Find Your Voice 
  12. The Dreaded “Tagged” Photo
  13. Feeling Exposed
  14. Feeling Light
  15. Gratitude Exercise: 5 people
  16. Joys/Worries of Unexpected Progress
  17. “Normal-People” Problems
  18. Tricks For Shopping Without ED
  19. Finding Strength in Breakdowns
  20. “The Best Decision I Ever Made”
  21. Do They Think I’m Fat?
  22. Taking Back July 4th

These two articles address weight talk. Something that we negatively have to endure, especially during this time of year. If you or someone you know suffers with a preoccupation of food or body, please click on the links below. I’ve finally felt confident enough to write about this very delicate topic:

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