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Getting Ready Flow Chart

One of the most important things for recovery is getting yourself out of the house. This helps us out of our self-destructive though patterns.

It wil also remind us WHY we are fighting for a life outside of ED.

What works for me may not work for everyone, but this is a routine I developed when I first entered treatment. And I still use it today.

It is my tried-and-true method when I am too depressed to leave the house, but it is also helpful in other situations.

Here are a some definitions that you should learn in order to fully understand my chart:

POWER STANCE: a friend told me about an article she read, it explained that those who stand with their backs slouched, arms crossed over their chest and eyes to their floor give off an insecure vibe which does not attract others. The POWER STANCE exhibits confidence. Shoulders rounded, chest and chin are up, hands on your hips. Now we are not necessarily confident people, but we have a favorite saying: FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT. And we can fool a lot of people with this stance (even ourselves). It felt silly to stand that way at first, but as I realized that it did indeed have the effect I was going for–I now use it every time I feel insecure. And trust me: you don’t LOOK stupid. It’s actually empowering to engage in a positino that looks like we are filled with confidence.

SAFE OUTFITS: I coined this term one day during treatment. I caught a glimpe of myself in the mirror (reflections were something I had been avoiding since they brought me nothing but self-loathing) but this particular day, for the very first time in recovery, I thought: wow, I look pretty.” I went to my journal and wrote down exactly what I was wearing. From that moment forward, if I felt confident (or at least comfortable) in a certain outfit, I would keep a note of it. Then on days that I was having trouble pulling myself together, I would grab one of those outfits out of my closet and throw it on so I could leave the house.


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