Dear TrollsWriting letters that never intend to be sent is a very therapeutic tool. Especially when you can’t seem to let go of the hurtful things they said.

Getting Ready Flow Chart-getting ready in itself is a trigger when you are dealing with an eating disorder. This general guideline may help.

Letter to a Parent-I tried to be a voice for those who have not found theirs yet. And hopefully this article can help anyone raising a daughter with mental illness (or even prevent it from developing).

Tricks For Shopping Without ED– Shopping with ED is very difficult. I began using these tools when I started recovery in 2014, and still use them today.

These two articles address weight talk. Something that we negatively have to endure, especially during this time of year. If you or someone you know suffers with a preoccupation of food or body, please click on the links below. I’ve finally felt confident enough to write about this very delicate topic:

  1. Weight Loss Talk
  2. Weight Talk: Part 2