Writing is my number one coping tool in recovery. Spreading awareness and empowering those around me is my passion.

Luckily, these two things happen to coincide, and thus: my blog was born.

I don’t hold back-because I never want anyone else to feel alone. It’s honest, messy and sometimes embarrasing. But it is all worth it if I can affect just one person’s life for the better. This is my journey…

  1. What Kind Of Eating Disorder Do You Have?
  2. Eating Disorder Declarations
  3. Weathering The Storm
  4. Progress
  5. “Wow, I’m Not the Only One”
  6. A Mind That Won’t Shut Off
  7. Coping with Change
  8. Life’s Troubles or Happy Thoughts?
  9. Choose Laugher over Sleep
  10. Find Your Voice 
  11. The Dreaded “Tagged” Photo
  12. NON-Anonynous 
  13. Feeling Light
  14. Joys/Worries of Unexpected Progress
  15. “Normal-People” Problems
  16. Tricks For Shopping Without ED
  17. Finding Strength in Breakdowns
  18. Deciding to Enter Treatment 
  19. Do They Think I’m Fat?
  20. Taking Back July 4th